Ásmundur Sveinsson

  • Year : 1936
  • Height : 133 cm
  • Width : 76 cm
  • Category : Skúlptúr
  • Sub-category : Steinskúlptúr

Location: Ásmundarsafn sculpture garden. Around 1929, when Ásmundur returned to Iceland after having lived in Paris, he started making sculptures with simplified images of people at work. Many of his sculptures have roots in Icelandic culture and nature. During the 1930s, working people were prominent in his work and many of his best known pieces, like The Water Carrier (1937) and Washerwoman (1936), date from this period. This work is massive and depicts a strongly built woman who performs a mundane but physically hard task, she is washing laundry. Her physique also indicates mental strength.

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