Án titils

Án titils


  • Year : 1957
  • Height : 48.5 cm
  • Width : 64 cm
  • Category : Teikning
  • Sub-category : Temperamálverk

In 1957, Erró came to Iceland to hold his first one-man show at the Listamannaskálinn gallery in Reykjavík. He was provided with a studio at the Reykjavík Technical College, where he created the intense series Sur-Atom which depicts gruesome figures with round heads and grimacing faces interlocked in endless conflict. These pieces are reminiscent of the apocalyptic scenes in the Skeleton series in that the leitmotiv is destruction, suffering and death. The difference is that here nuclear war is the symbol of evil. The paintings are drawn and coloured with quick brushstrokes which reflect his raw and untamed creativity. Erró uses expressive lines of varying thickness and a limited palette of contrasting colours to sketch violent and provocative scenes where tight frames and the limited depth of the picture space emphasise the conflict.

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