Bertel Thorvaldsen

  • Year : 1808
  • Height : cm
  • Width : 70 cm
  • Category : Skúlptúr
  • Sub-category : Málmskúlptúr

Location: Corner of Skothúsvegur/Fríkirkjuvegur. The city of Reykjavík had a bronze cast made of Adonis and installed to mark the 1100 year anniversary of the settlement. The original is in the Glyptotek Museum in Munich, Germany. Adonis is the god of vegetation. He was young and handsome and was killed by a wild boar. The goddesses Aphrodite and Persephone both desired him. Zeus decreed that he should take turns staying with both of them, and thus the earth’s vegetation comes alive in spring and dies in autumn, when Adonis returns to Persephone and the realm of the dead.

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