Ásmundur Sveinsson

  • Year : 1966
  • Height : 170 cm
  • Width : 150 cm
  • Category : Skúlptúr
  • Sub-category : Málmskúlptúr

Location: Menntaskólinn við Hamrahlíð. In an outdoor garden called Útgarður which is only acessible through the school building. Owned by Menntaskólinn við Hamrahlíð. This is an abstract sculpture, created from alloy. It was installed at Menntaskólinn in Hamrahlíð and rests on a concrete foundation. It was a present from the city of Reykjavík to the newly founded MH, but had previously been on loan at the Universal Exposition in Montreal. The work seems to be in constant movement, and curves and flows like waves. The original was made in metal in 1952, quite a bit smaller, and it belongs to the collection of Reykjavík Art Museum.

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