Úr álögum

Úr álögum

Einar Jónsson

  • Year : 1916
  • Height : 300 cm
  • Width : 220 cm
  • Category : Skúlptúr
  • Sub-category : Málmskúlptúr

Location: by Tjörnin This sculpture revolves around one of Einar’s main subjects, spiritual development and the divine nature of man. He started work on the piece in 1916, later enlarging it and completing in 1927. In the centre stands a knight, holding the handle of his sword which he has driven straight down into the head of a giant dragon at his feet. On one arm, the knight carries a young and naked woman who stretches out her arm, casting off the skin of an old woman; in his other hand the knight lifts a large shield. Behind them, the large body of the dragon curls up and his wings crumple. The subject here is well-known in the art of the middle ages and has its roots in early Christian tales of Saint George. The tales tell of how Christianity was initiated in Asia Minor, when Saint George from Cappadocia in Asia Minor slayed the dragon, a symbol of heathenry and evil forces. Cappadocia was personified as a young maiden. The work can be interpreted in view of Einar’s emphasis on the importance of the artist not following in the footsteps of others but finding their own way in artistic creation.

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