Snjór og gjá (Vetrarmynd frá Þingvöllum)

Snjór og gjá (Vetrarmynd frá Þingvöllum)

Jóhannes S. Kjarval

  • Year : 1954
  • Height : 112 cm
  • Width : 160 cm
  • Category : Málverk
  • Sub-category : Olíumálverk

Snjór og gjá (Snow and Gully) is a winter image from Þingvellir, where Kjarval often painted. He liked to paint series; visit the same places, or spaces as he called them, again and again, painting at all times of the year and the day, in all possible weather conditions, with an aim of capturing on the canvas the light and the impact of weather on a certain place at a certain time. In this way, he could show the endless variability of nature, how seasons, different light and weather constantly recreate it. This objective can only be achieved with constant repetition, as each moment is new and reflects new magic on its surroundings. Kjarval painted in Þingvellir for as long as he was able to paint out of doors, his last work from there dates from the 1960’s.

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