Yndislegt er úti vor

Yndislegt er úti vor

Jóhannes S. Kjarval

  • Year : 1926
  • Height : 46 cm
  • Width : 123.5 cm
  • Category : Málverk
  • Sub-category : Olíumálverk

In summer 1926, Kjarval stayed with his friends Matthildur Kjartansdóttir (1891-1974) and Guðbrandur Magnússon (1887-1974) at Hallgeirseyjarhjáleiga, East-Landeyjar, for a while and painted this profile of them. The work is personal and clearly shows the artist’s warm feelings towards his subject, as well as the love between the couple. They stand close to one another and gaze at each other fondly. Matthildur is light and bright, painted with delicate brush strokes, but Guðbrandur is darker and coarser. This painting is unusually sensitive in style for Kjarval. This summer, he also painted the couple’s children, Kjartan and Hallfríður. Kjarval’s friendship with Guðbrandur was strong and lasting, as can be seen in many of the artist’s works.

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