Án titils

Án titils

Jóhannes S. Kjarval

  • Year : 1950
  • Height : 107 cm
  • Width : 81 cm
  • Category : Teikning
  • Sub-category : Blönduð tækni

Ever since his study years, Kjarval spent a lot of time making portraits. During his stay in Italy in 1920 he drew loads of people, and six years later he made a series of many locals in Bakkagerði. He experimented with his techniques, used pencil, charcoal, ink, markers, and water colour, with great results. When the occasion called for it, he sketched on whatever paper was at hand, including letters, envelopes, cigarette packets, napkins, and loan forms. The character and personality of his models jumped out from the drawings. The faces often mixed with nature; lava, moss, or flowers.

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