Úr Gálgahrauni

Úr Gálgahrauni

Jóhannes S. Kjarval

  • Year : 1955-60
  • Height : 113 cm
  • Width : 174 cm
  • Category : Málverk
  • Sub-category : Olíumálverk

Around 1945 Kjarval started to frequent the Gálgahraun lava field on the Álftanes headland south of Reykjavík. He went there often in the subsequent two decades and painted a number of pieces there. In the Gálgahraun paintings Kjarval emphasises the bareness of the lava and the diverse craggy shapes to be found there, decorated with low-growing vegetation. The occasional strange lava formations also became the subject of his art. He apparently had a favourite location where he painted a number of pieces. His main subject from this perspective is a rather flat lava rock and its surroundings, while in the foreground there is often a pointed lava formation.

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