Ólöf Nordal

  • Year : 2015
  • Height : 90 cm
  • Width : 63.5 cm
  • Category : Ljósmyndun
  • Sub-category :

The origin of the leader sheep can be traced back to to a single ram deriving from the hidden people, which got mixed with normal ewe, sometime in the far past. These sheep have defining characteristics and possess intelligence unknown in other sheep in the whole world. Leader sheep's nature is to lead the herd, as the name indicates. They can foresee weather anomalies and their sense of direction is infallible. These qualities were invaluable during winter grazing in the olden days. The ability of leader sheep to lead their herd to shelter, through snowstorms and darkness, has saved lives of men and animals. Nowadays, the leader sheep stock counts around 1400 animals.

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