Burt með eftirlit úr verksmiðjunni

Burt með eftirlit úr verksmiðjunni


  • Year : 1959
  • Height : 130 cm
  • Width : 200 cm
  • Category : Málverk
  • Sub-category : Lakkmálverk

Shortly after Erró had settled in Paris he painted the Méca series, where he points out the assorted maladies of the industrialised and capitalistic society of today, as well as condemning every kind of surveillance control and the alienation of modern man. These paintings fall somewhere between surrealism and science fiction, dealing with the mechanisation of the human race, and depicting a dark and violent world. In The Control out of the Factory the viewer encounters a prison-camp ambiance, the beings on the canvas having undergone some kind of “robotic metamorphosis.” Noise and commotion dominate the scene. Heads with screaming mouths appear from a hotchpotch of organic and mechanical forms. This chaotic uproar conveys overwhelming dramatic tension, emphasised by the spiral form which is the basis of the composition, and by the framing of the main scene of the painting.

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