Lykill að sjálfvirka taugakerfinu

Lykill að sjálfvirka taugakerfinu


  • Year : 1961
  • Height : 200 cm
  • Width : 300 cm
  • Category : Málverk
  • Sub-category : Lakkmálverk

This piece alludes to the sympathetic nervous system in a multitude of intertwined, dancing shapes forming an enormous, vibrant field, most of the shapes having human characteristics. When Erró was working on this piece he said he had “accumulated a vast number of medical pictures, organ charts and surgical publications, all of which I received from my German friend who had inherited them from his father, a doctor. Among them were some beautiful prints in black and red.” Erró later sought inspiration from these images when he sketched the composition, on the basis of which he painted a Surrealist-Expressionist “landscape.” In retrospect this painting should be classified among Erró's “scapes,” a term coined in 1964 for paintings where an enormous number of similar phenomena form a panoramic “landscape” on the picture plane. In 1985 this painting was re-named Nervescape.

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