• Year : 2014
  • Height : cm
  • Width : cm
  • Category : Annað
  • Sub-category : Lágmynd

Location: Austurberg sports center. This artwork by Erró is executed on two buildings in Breiðholt; on one hand on the Austurberg Sports Centre and also on the gable end of an apartment building at Álftahólar. Together, the pieces Goddess of Justice and Queen of the Jungle create one whole. It is based on a collage of cartoon images which Erró has found and assembled into a new image. At Álftahólar, the Goddess of Justice mural was painted on a seven story apartment block which is around 20 m tall and 14.5 m wide. Erró employed specialists from the painting department at The Technical College of Reykjavík and they used an old technique to transfer small images onto the giant wall. The top half of the work can be seen from a distance but the lower half is half-hidden in an alley. The bottom part, which depicts the Queen of the Jungle, was then repeated on a wall of Austurberg Sport Centre, where it is more visible. There, the image is created from specially prepared ceramic tiles. It is interesting to visit both places and compare the images and different techniques.

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