Nína Sæmundsson

  • Year :
  • Height : cm
  • Width : cm
  • Category : Skúlptúr
  • Sub-category : Brons

Location: The Pond The statue Mermaid in the Women’s Sculpture Park in Reykjavík was cast in bronze from an original which Nína created in 1948 in her studio in Hollywood. Nína’s work often had various cultural references, preferably mythical and with the woman taking centre stage, and Mermaid is one of those works. According to the legend, the mermaid would sit atop a rock in the ocean, luring seafarers to her with her song, and in her embrace they would disappear into the ocean. Nína imbues this mythical creature with classic grace and poetic softness, and the mermaid glows with beauty and femininity. The fusion of the female form and the tight and firm fish tail, creates soft, round lines and allows the artist to create a curve, but at the same time relaxation, in the mermaid’s body. Nína pulls the beautifully shaped fish tail in front of the mermaid and opens it like a fan. The mermaid’s right hand rests on the rock but the left one is outstretched, with an open palm, like she’s inviting the viewer to join her.

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