Ólöf Pálsdóttir

  • Year : 1970
  • Height : 130 cm
  • Width : 125 cm
  • Category : Skúlptúr
  • Sub-category : Málmskúlptúr

Location: Harpa Originally, The Musician was installed at Hagatorg in 1977. At the time, Háskólabíó was the country’s main concert hall and the residence of the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra. The statue was transferred when the orchestra moved, and on 4 September 2014 it was installed in front of Harpa Concert Hall at Reykjavík Harbour. The cellist Erling Blöndal Bengtsson modelled for Ólöf when she was creating the sculpture, they agreed that he should play while she worked. Ólöf claimed she’d never enjoyed her work as much before or after, as not all models could give so much of themselves while the work was ongoing. Ólöf was always preoccupied with the human body and her simple and expressive sculptures were exceptional. Erlingur sits and plays his cello. The work is realistic in nature, only the strings are missing.

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