Ólöf Pálsdóttir

  • Year : 1955
  • Height : cm
  • Width : cm
  • Category : Skúlptúr
  • Sub-category : Brons

Location: Hljómskálagarður. The work Son shows a naked young man sitting with open arms and palms facing upwards. The head leans back a little on the long neck. The body is simultaneously tense and at ease, the young man opens his arms expectantly for the life in front of him. In an interview, Ólöf herself claimed that Son represents Icelandic youth, and she dedicated the work to her mother. This was Ólöf’s graduation piece from the Royal Art Academy in 1955 and she received the academy’s greatest honour, the gold medal, for it, as well as a scholarship. The gold medal had been awarded for over 200 years and Ólöf is the first and only woman to be awarded this honour. The sculpture and artist received much positive publicity in the Danish media, she was called a talented sculptor who created independent and unique art in a very professional manner. The Ministry for Education bought the sculpture in 1959, on behalf of The National Gallery of Iceland, and had it cast in bronze.

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