Veðurspámaður (stækkun)

Veðurspámaður (stækkun)

Ásmundur Sveinsson

  • Year : 1934
  • Height : 190 cm
  • Width : 60 cm
  • Category : Skúlptúr
  • Sub-category : Steinskúlptúr

Location: Ásmundarsafn sculpture garden. Ásmundur created Weather Seer in Reykjavík in 1934. The sculpture was later enlarged in concrete in the summer of 1939. It depicts a man looking up at the sky to predict the weather prospects. The realistic, understated piece forms one massive whole, enlivened by the position and expression of the head. The man's form is closed, the surface smooth and refined, and individual features are almost entirely absent. This piece exists in two versions: in the older version the man is clothed, but in the latter, probably as a product of the enlargement process, he is nude. This change is consistent with the evolution of Ásmundur's art during the 1930s, when the artist moved away from a realistic and naturalistic approach towards a far more symbolic form, in which the focus is on bringing out and defining the nature of man. While the original version is more realistic, it too is universal and “symbolic for the Icelandic weather seer down the ages, on land and at sea, – a primitive outdoorsman, not modern technology in weather forecasting,” as the artist commented in daily Vísir on 19 October 1939.

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