Einar Jónsson

  • Year : 1974
  • Height : 110 cm
  • Width : 90 cm
  • Category : Skúlptúr
  • Sub-category : Málmskúlptúr

Location: Grund dvalar- og hjúkrunarheimilið. Owned by Grund. The Diamond is a cast of the sculpture The Hand (1904-05). Einar first exhibited his work at Den Frie Udstilling in 1905, but it was planned as a monument to the Faroese poet and independence hero Poul Nolsöe. Einar himself wrote that The Hand should be interpreted as the power, the will which lifts the rock. The subject, a great hand which is lifting a stone or a rock, should be viewed in context with other known works in art history, for example The Hand of God by Auguste Rodin (1898). With Rodin, the subject becomes a sort of symbol for the Creation, the hands of god are shaping a man and a woman from the coarse material. In Einar’s work, the hand is put to the rock without any visible effort. It represents the will of the strong individual who lifts up the rock, and thus references Nolsöe’s role in history. The hand was to be put in the ocean, it should have risen from the ocean, the hand a personification of poetry, cast in bronze, but the rock from red granite. Einar also painted a watercolour, The Hand (1904) which can be found inside The Einar Jónsson Museum.

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